sistemi a palettesistemi a palette


In this type of realisation the vehicle is not moved directly by the transporting device but is contained in special pallets which are then moved to the various automatic parking areas by dedicated devices. Even though Sotefin has realised large sized pallet systems (many hundreds of parking spaces). The technology and their ease of use has proved to be optimal in the realisation of small sized installations.

In fact, the Sotefin SA Pallet system is the ideal solution for many applications, both residential and in the public and commercial field, making it one of the most versatile systems.


Machinery equipped with this technology has special pallet-carrier modules that allow for rapid exchange of loaded pallets and empty pallets, without any need for the additional movement that is usually necessary during changeover operations.


These systems have been developed for specific architectural requirements, in particular for tall narrow buildings. The pallets are placed at the sides of the vertical transporter without any need for further horizontal movement.

Locked row

These systems are useful for creating adequate parking spaces in conventional private garages where the space for manoeuvring is very narrow.