torri traslantitorri traslanti


Traversing towers combine the Vertical Transporter’s and undercarriage’s functionality in one device. It moves the vehicle vertically and horizontally at the same time.
The system can ensure cars are parked, allowing owners to leave and pick up their vehicles independently.
Its architecture makes it indispensable especially in residential areas where space is limited and the value of parking spaces is multiplied by excellent exploitation of space.
The tower is a mix of advanced mechanical and electronic architecture and technology, a result of years of Sotefin SA research, allowing maximum exploitation of the unused space in manoeuvring areas.


This is the classic traversing tower suitable for use in medium-large car parks. It can move vertically over large height differences (up to 7 floors) and can also reach good speeds.


This is a smaller version of the TT traversing tower and can reach a maximum of 4 floors in height. It is ideal for medium-small sized structures, for private use.


Twin column traversing tower. Product developed on the basis of the TTG model but with two columns instead of one. Ideal for medium-small sized structures, for private use.

TR fixed rotating tower

This product, developed specifically for circular installations, incorporates a rotating function in place of a traversing movement. The fact that vertical and rotating movements are performed simultaneously makes this system very fast. Perfect for private and public car parks of not more than 100 units. It can reach a maximum of 8 floors in height.